Agadir with Argan Oil Hair Flritini women of a certain age

In Flirtini style, I have come up with a Hair-tini. Why not right? It’s a cocktail for your hair. Use after styling for shiny bouncy hair. Follow my recipe or come up with your own using your favorite styling products………

2 pumps of hair gloss…. try Framesi Slush Gloss
1 pump styling mousse… try Agadir with argan oil    

One pump of your favorite hair spray

Rub hands together to mix and warm up the products. Scrunch into hair for all day fun hair.

Framesi Slush Gloss Hair Flirtini Women of a certain age

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6 Responses “HAIRTINI”

  1. Kritina October 28, 2011 4:24 pm #

    Hi!! me again :) Do you have any special recommendations for those who have curly hair (for those like me who hopefully do actually LOVE their curly hair and do not get it mortified by a hair straightener?? not that I’m criticizing btw) I’m in perpetual search of the perfect spray to tame my curls and make it look full of life while not being dry :s

    • Flirtini October 28, 2011 5:08 pm #

      Hi back!! I have curly fine hair. It’s kind of more a wavy curl than just curl. I am a big fan of the Be Curly products by Aveda. I like definition in my curl, but not that crunchy feeling that some curly hair products give me. Also, another super great product for after styling is by Pureology, Dryshine hair styler–much much better than hair spray. My hair actually looks fuller if I don’t over straighten. So there is definitely something to keeping it real!

      • Kritina October 28, 2011 6:24 pm #

        Hi Thank you! Actually it’s not easy for me to get those products where I live…there’s more commercial stuff like L’Oréal and Lunel Professionals, and so forth. But I will search for the Aveda product… Thanks :)

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